When not to give up on your job (and how I found out the hard way)

It is not uncommon for my highly successful female marketing clients to be wrestling with situations where they aren’t enjoying their jobs. Perhaps the company culture jars with them, or their style of management is at odds with their boss’s, or perhaps the company doesn’t do enough good stuff out there in the world.

In these situations, the reflex action is to want to pull the eject cord and get the hell out asap. I know this because I was quite unhappy in a job at one point. I started looking for the exit signs (metaphorically, I mean, obviously I knew where the fire escape was). I wanted people to tell me it was time to go. But, I didn’t leave at that point.

Instead, I went to the boss of the company (not my line manager, but the person who actually founded the company) and explained that I wasn’t happy in my role. Because she valued me, she listened and together we thrashed out some alterations to my role and schedule that saw me go down to four days a week and shift some responsibilities.

While it was hard to swallow my ego and watch some of my comrades advance faster than me, it was the absolute best thing for me at the time. It brought the head space I needed to get a plan together for the future and remind myself of what I actually enjoy in life. The company was no longer sucking life out of me, instead I was breathing life into it. I became more creative, more positive and more relaxed. My work and my soul benefitted.

So, what am I trying to tell you here? The message is that if you’re not happy in your role it is not always about getting out and starting again somewhere else. Yes, this can be an important career move and I’d never condone staying in the same place out of fear or complacency. What I’m saying is there might be some upfront work to do before you jump ship that could either see you find your groove where you are or take you to a much better place in your career that you couldn’t see when you were down on your current job.

Ask yourself all of the below questions to stir up some fresh perspective on a lingering sense of unhappiness:

  • What exactly am I unhappy about here? What could I do about this? List out five options for taking action

  • Am I doing what I’m good at here? What skills and talents do I have that are currently lying dormant?

  • What makes me happy here? Can I find a way to do more of what I enjoy?

  • Who do I need to speak to about this situation? When am I going to have this conversation?

  • If I’m really honest with myself, do I know where I want to go in my career? Is this job a stepping stone towards my future goals? This last question is super important because if you can’t answer this you can’t expect another job, or your current boss or a promotion to make things better for you.

So, what happens now? Well, if you can answer these questions easily, then why are you wasting time reading this?! You know what you want - go for it! But if these questions are a little stickier for you then it is time to book that free coaching call with me and together we’ll get to the bottom of this dilemma so you don’t pull the eject cord and then realise you don’t actually have the parachute you need for a safe landing. God forbid.

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Amy Watt
Founder of Megawatt Coaching

If you can’t beat them, join them and stand proudly on your plinth!

If you can’t beat them, join them and stand proudly on your plinth!