Get that pay rise, work for a company that shares your values, or find the kind of role that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, raring to go. 

This is not your typical coaching programme. It's faster and more intensive, because you don't want to wait any longer to reach your potential. Within three months, you'll:

  • Move rapidly towards tangible signs of success, whether that's a promotion, a more flexible working arrangement, a pay rise or a fantastic job offer

  • Feel more energised and driven in your work

  • Shed your doubts, increase your self-esteem and discover your purpose and values

"I’ve got so much more from working with Amy than a bit of a career plan. She’s coached me to hone in on what my objectives really are, challenged me to think more clearly about what I want to achieve."
Josh, Founder, Jut Communications

What's included?

A combination of one-to-one coaching, post-session workbooks and relevant industry expertise will fast-track your career development.

  • Five 50-minute coaching sessions

  • Bespoke self-development workbooks and tailored feedback

  • A personalised list of inspirational videos and further reading

  • Mentoring and guidance on achieving your goals

  • Constant email access to me over the three month programme, for support in your journey

  • Connections from my "black book" of industry influencers for further mentoring and advice

  • Preparation for interviews and formal reviews

  • A  Review and Reassess session, six months on 

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