I support marketers to reach their highest potential by enabling them to better understand themselves and what they want from their careers. I'll work with you to give you the rocket fuel you need to get to where you want. Fast. 

Amy was a brilliant help when it came to figuring out what kind of PR career I was aiming for and what I had to do to achieve my goal. Not only was she helping me improve and amend my CV, she also gave me great advice in what communication professionals were looking for.
— Ena, Account Manager, PR agency

A passion for coaching

I believe that the success we create is as much about attitude and mindset as it is about aptitude and experience. I love working with marketers because their talents are so diverse and their creativity, ambition and ideas can take them wherever they want. 

I trained as a coach with the Oxford Coaching and Mentoring School (OCM) and I've been  mentored by one of the UK’s leading coaches, Elaine Grix. Former Head of HR at Heathrow, for the past three years. 

Throughout my career, I've always brought coaching skills like asking insightful questions and listening intently, as well as giving constructive feedback, into my approach to working with teams and advising leaders on their comms.

"An intelligent, skilled and intuitive coach who is committed to enabling her coachees to achieve meaningful outcomes."

OCM Assessor

A background in comms

I am an experienced communications professional. I’ve spent eight years in a fast-paced PR agency, working for clients including Google, NET-A-PORTER and John Lewis.

In my case, office life didn't feel right. I was progressing up the ladder nicely, but I didn’t know much at all about what I really wanted from my career, or even why I was doing it. This absence of purpose became quite damaging and I ended up getting frustrated with a lot of the daily stuff. I needed to stop multi-tasking and find out what my purpose was so I could start living more true to myself and become more motivated and energised.

And so when I reached director level, I decided to leave behind office life to set up my freelance business as a copywriter and comms consultant. I also made a huge lifestyle change, moving to the South of France. As well as being a beautiful place to spend time, this step gave me the time and space I needed to learn more about myself and train in the coaching field. It also showed me that it really is possible to work from anywhere today.

As a result, I’m a believer in leaving your comfort zone to get the most from life. That might mean running away from the office or it might mean stepping up for a big promotion or having a family. The important thing is that you do it because it is right for you, not because you think you should or because it is what everyone else is doing.

My "desk" in France: there's always time for pastries when you work for yourself...

My "desk" in France: there's always time for pastries when you work for yourself...

A side helping of yoga teaching

I’m also a qualified yoga teacher and have taught in my local village in France for the last few years. Don’t worry, I won’t have you chanting in a coaching session but I do believe that body awareness, breathing and relaxation techniques can be important self-development tools and my coaching will help you to harness their power.


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