I wish I’d known these things five years ago when starting out as a freelancer...

As I sit here writing the sky is cloudless, the sun is warming the patio and the pool is as blue as a Hockney painting.

I’m not on holiday. This is where I’m living at the moment. A villa in the South of France surrounded by vineyards and wild flowers. (It's my Grandma's, not mine but still it is wonderful).

Life can take you on some funny escapades sometimes. I would never have thought I’d be working from this dream location five years ago when I was sitting at my desk in a typical London office.

One decision to go freelance and spend some time working from Provence changed everything. It was not an easy decision to make. I had all the fears and doubts that you can imagine going through my mind about money, isolation, stability and career progression.

I wondered how I’d ever make ends meet and I thought to myself “who am I to do something so brazenly different when everyone else is working so hard?” However, I didn’t let these doubts take over and I went for it anyway. The five years I’ve had out here have been golden and my career hasn’t stalled. It has evolved along with me and I’ve learnt a huge amount about what I need to stay motivated and fulfilled.

But what about your story? Are you looking for change? Do you have a nagging feeling that you are not reaching your full potential in your job? Or living life to its fullest? If so, I have something special to share with you.

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If you have even the slightest inkling that a freelance career could be your way forward, you HAVE TO watch this video NOW so you can skip some of the rookie errors and go straight to a profitable, successful and fulfilling approach to freelance marketing. Equally if you are already freelancing you’ll find support tools and sage advice that you might not have come across before.

So, make that cuppa, dedicate the next twenty minutes to focusing on your future and I guarantee you’ll come out the other end motivated, excited and inspired to make a success of freelance marketing.

And if this is not for you but you know anyone who needs to hear these things, please share this video with them. Because we are all allies in this industry and should support each other on our journeys.

Till next time I wish you a fabulous week,


Amy Watt
Founder of Megawatt Coaching

Drinking my “Freelancer Fuel” (Otherwise known as a soy latte) in a Brooklyn deli

Drinking my “Freelancer Fuel” (Otherwise known as a soy latte) in a Brooklyn deli