"I just don’t feel like a leader" (if that’s you, read this)

On this sunny day in Portsmouth I’m huddled over my laptop with the curtains drawn to block out the light because I have something serious to discuss with you: your leadership potential.

I know too many sh*t hot marketers who have hit a roadblock in their careers because they don’t see themselves as leaders.

They already possess many of the hallmarks of the best leaders: they love being part of a team, bringing out the best in others and are devoted to their work, but somehow they don’t feel good enough to take up the leadership mantle. I’m talking senior leadership, here - responsible for your own projects, big decisions and possibly even whole teams. Not just having your boss give you a piece of work and breathing down your neck while you “run it”.

How do I know about leadership when I am not working for a big company any more? Well, I make a point of hanging out with brilliant leaders in comms and marketing whenever I can. I study the ones that inspire me and talk to them about what makes them tick. On the whole I’ve found that they tend to be sensible, modest and interesting people, not intimidating or difficult. And when I speak to my coaching clients I know that they would make great leaders too, with a little more self conviction, direction and support.

If you don’t feel like a leader, but you really want to push yourself in your career, here are five things you need to know:

You ARE suited to leadership, even if you’re currently overlooked for those big promotions or new roles
As I’m sure you know, it isn’t those who bulldoze their way through that make the best leaders. Actually, more introverted, quieter types make brilliant leaders. They notice more, are more empathetic and more dedicated. But due to their personality they often take longer to step into leadership roles because they don’t push for them. (This isn’t just my speculation. Check out this article on why introverts make the best leaders by Susan Cain for more solid insights.)

To become an amazing leader, you need to work on yourself
Here’s the truth: no one else is going to buy into you as a leader until you believe in your own potential and have a strong sense of what the “future you” is going to achieve in their career. By building your understanding of what values you want to live by, what your unique contribution is and what you have to share you’ll become at least ten times more powerful when you walk into a room.

Even if you want to break free from the corporate world you’ll need to show up as a leader
When you go freelance or start a new business, it becomes even more important to tune into your leadership abilities, because to do well you have to become a leader in your field. This requires an inner conviction in your expertise and having the confidence to advise your clients, direct your business and possibly even to grow a team.

Becoming a leader is never going to feel comfortable (and that’s a good thing)
To be a leader you have to have strong conviction in your decisions. No matter how talented you might be, without this conviction you can’t step into the leader’s shoes. You’ll want to play it safe and defer to someone else, even though your instincts and ideas are probably just as good or better than your manager’s. You have to push yourself to speak up and take ownership. It isn't easy but it is exciting when the buck stops with you. And your learning curve suddenly accelerates so you are able to push yourself even further from there.

Here is your golden opportunity to find your inner leader
Now for the exciting part In October I am opening the doors for a new coaching programme aimed at those in marketing who are stallingbecause they either don’t know what they want or they don’t feel capable of achieving it. If you are mid-level (minimum 3 years experience in marketing or comms) and these points about leadership are resonating, we need to talk. On the coaching programme you will be supported by me and an incredible group of similarly talented marketing peers and together with them your story will change, and soon.

Hop on a free breakthrough call with me and by December 2019, you’ll be more motivated, better supported, more excited about your future and generally walking taller (and not just as a result of the new Leboutins your fierce self has chosen).

Sending warm wishes and good vibes your way on this sunny Friday,


Amy Watt
Founder of Megawatt Coaching

Of course, you'll also need a massive leather swivel chair to really boss it in your career...

Of course, you'll also need a massive leather swivel chair to really boss it in your career...