Had enough of the daily commute, working for others or sitting in an office all day? Becoming your own boss in the marketing or creative space can be a liberating, prosperous and fulfilling alternative.

Whether you're a marketer, copywriter, PR, social media expert, illustrator, photographer or web designer, Megawatt Fuel for Freelancers group programme is designed to help you make a success of freelancing and run your business from anywhere. It offers all the support, advice and coaching you need to:

  • Build a strong and compelling freelance business

  • Develop a great network and win dream projects

  • Become recognised as an expert in your field

  • Hit your earning targets, without working all hours

  • Lead a better quality of life, and experience more freedom, flexibility and fulfillment

If you are unclear about your purpose, niche, value or how to approach a freelance career this course will help you move past those obstacles.
— Catherine A, Freelance PR Consultant
You’ll only lose out in NOT doing it. Regardless of your career situation, there are so many useful exercises to help you find a path forward that you can’t fail to walk away with some practical tips and a clearer vision of what you want your career to look like.
— Lois, Freelance Writer and Editor

Why I set up Fuel for Freelancers

The world of work is changing and today it's possible to work from anywhere. Take advantage of the freedom and opportunities that freelancing brings

The world of work is changing and today it's possible to work from anywhere. Take advantage of the freedom and opportunities that freelancing brings

I’m passionate about this programme because it reflects such an important part of my own career journey. Three years ago, I escaped the office and moved to a small village in the South of France with my partner. To sustain our existence, we both set up freelance businesses (comms and graphic design), working entirely remotely. Since then, we've worked with major global brands, including John Lewis, Thomas Cook and Google, and a host of comms agencies to grow successful, sustainable freelance businesses.

Since making the move, I haven't looked back. And I want to help others to experience this lifestyle choice, equipping them with all they need to face the challenges and make a success of their freelance venture.

What's included?

“I started working with Amy at a time in my life when I had just been through a period of enormous change; returning to work after the birth of my daughter the previous year, facing the prospect of moving country for the fourth time in as many years and generally trying to get to grips with the balance in my life and work out what I actually wanted. The work I did with Amy helped me to gain clarity and the perspective I was looking for."

Simone, freelance copywriter

It is true that setting up on your own can be tough. You need to create a resilient mindset to handle the instability and challenges that come with the territory. On this two-month programme, you'll find the motivation, determination and strategic approach you need to thrive as a freelancer. Included within it are:

  • Three 50-minute one-to-one coaching sessions

  • Weekly group mentoring calls

  • Constant email access to me, for support in your journey, mentoring and guidance

  • Weekly self-development workbooks and personalised feedback to accelerate your success

  • Connections from my "black book" of industry influencers

  • Expert consultancy on your website and brand positioning 


Find out if Fuel for Freelancers is right for you:

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