Here's what my clients say about their experience of working with me. 

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Josh, Founder of Jut Comms and Freelance Copywriter

“I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of people over the years that have provided advice and support in developing my career, and it was the one thing I was missing when I took the leap into self-employment. Having started at the same agency as Amy a few years ago, I knew she had a strong understanding of the ins and outs of a career in communications.

We’re now coming to the end of our coaching sessions, and I’ve got so much more from working with Amy than a bit of a career plan. She’s coached me to hone in on what my objectives really are, challenged me to think more clearly about what I want to achieve, and got me to think about my career goals within the context of my wider life ambitions. I would wholeheartedly recommend Amy to anyone looking for objective, experienced coaching.

Gillian, Head of Communications for an online service company

“I started working with Amy at a time in my life when I had just been through a period of enormous change; returning to work after the birth of my daughter the previous year, facing the prospect of moving country for the fourth time in as many years and generally trying to get to grips with the balance in my life and work out what I actually wanted from it. The work I did with Amy helped me to gain clarity and the perspective I was looking for.

“I’d thoroughly recommend working with Amy, her approach is calm, to the point and professional. The work we did together has given me the tools to handle change in a more positive way and work through anything that comes up. I was sceptical at first about the benefits of coaching, but now I can see first hand how beneficial it can be and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Amy's services again if I needed to.”

Simone, Freelance Copywriter

"After I had started a family I felt somewhat lost in terms of what I wanted to achieve in my work life. Amy ended up helping me figure out what's important to me, not just professionally, but also on a personal level. She worked with me to uncover my whole person - values, wants, fears, priorities, skills, the lot. It was a fascinating process and finding out what makes me tick has really helped me shed my worries and become more confident."  

Ross - Team Leader, major banking corporation

“It felt strangely indulgent to have the opportunity to spend an hour a month talking about just me! What I thought, what I enjoy and what I want to get out of my career.

It is surprising how easily something this important is overlooked in the chaos of everyday life and taking the time out to reflect felt a worthwhile investment.

At the time of our coaching sessions, I had been offered a promotion into an overseas role in a difficult environment and was debating the benefits vs challenges of accepting the offer.

Amy was able to translate my ramblings into some form of thought pattern and pick out or build on key themes without trying to influence the discussion.

One of the seemingly obvious discussion points that particularly struck a chord with me was the concept of focusing on strengths and interests as opposed to trying to have a CV with experience of everything. Working for a large organisation, managers frequently say “your CV is lacking experience in…”. If it’s something that doesn’t fit with your strengths and wouldn’t be enjoyable, so what?!”

Ena, Account Manager, PR agency

“Amy was a brilliant help when it came to figuring out what kind of PR career I was aiming for and what I had to do to achieve my goal. Not only was she helping me improve and amend my CV, she also gave me great advice in what communication professionals were looking for. Thanks to her help I was able to make my first career step in this industry.”


Nuala, Head of Marketing at a management consultancy

“I’ve been sceptical about how career coaching can help, but Amy has really changed that perception. By quickly grasping challenges I’ve been facing and asking incisive questions, she’s helped me to navigate a number of tricky work issues to reach much better outcomes than I would have done on my own.”